The My RV section is your go-to place to manage the details about your RV. Adding your RV in the app will help us provide you with customized checklists, maintenance, and recall notifications.

You can come to this section to add an RV, edit the details about your RV, manage maintenance tasks, and review your saved service centers. Keep reading below to learn more about managing your RV details here.

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Add an RV

The first time you use Togo RV or go to the My RV section, you'll be asked to add your RV. Tap the "Add my RV" button, then confirm the requested details about your RV.

You'll be asked to select your make, model, year, and floorplan. There's an alphabetical list with options to choose from and if at any point you can't find your specific RV in the listed options, just scroll to the bottom and select "Other". After selecting "Other", you can manually fill out the RV details fields and then tap Confirm RV Details to save it to your account. ​​


  Can't find your RV?

Your particular make, model, and/or floorplan may not appear in our pre-populated list of RVs to choose from. We are working to add more makes and models to choose from, but don't worry! If you don't see your RV in the list, you can manually enter it by selecting "Other" at the bottom of the list and manually providing details about your RV. 

If you already have an RV saved and need to add another, tap the name of your current RV and then select the "+ Add your RV" option. You can add as many RVs as you want!


Edit Your RV

You can edit your RV by going to selecting your RV from the top bar of your home screen.

    • If you haven't uploaded a photo of your RV, you'll see an option to "Edit Image" in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
    • If you would like to edit details of your RV, select the "Edit RV Details" option where you can tap RV Details or Registration to make any needed edits. 
    • If you'd like to delete your RV, select the "Delete this RV" option


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