How to Log Maintenance

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You can find maintenance in the app by going to the My RV section in the bottom menu, and it'll be at the top of the list on that screen!

Each month, any maintenance that needs to be done on your RV will appear on two lists: My maintenance and Mechanic's maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about how to log maintenance.

Add More Info to a Task

Before marking a task as done, you may want to add more information to a maintenance item by tapping the item in the list. Adding additional information now will be great for keeping track of expenses or increasing your RV's value. Items with additional information show a paragraph icon next to the title and description. See below for a description of the additional details you can add.

  • Action: The work to be done on the item.
  • Date completed: The specific day the work was completed. This will default to today's date.
  • Cost (optional): How much the item or work costs.
  • Notes (optional): Any additional information you'd like to add about the item.
  • Receipts, photos, etc. (optional): Attach any photos of receipts for proof of work and cost.

Mark as 'Done'

Swipe right to mark an item as done. If you didn't review and add details to the maintenance item, the completed date field will default as described above.

The item will then appear at the bottom of the screen below "Completed items" with a line through the text. If you marked an item done by mistake, just swipe left on the item to return it to a to-do state.


'Snooze' an item

Swipe left to snooze an item, meaning that the app will remind you next month to do the maintenance. This is great for when your vehicle is in storage. You can snooze an item as long as you want, but we don't recommend using it too many times!


Add more maintenance items

You may decide you're ready to do more maintenance than the app schedules for the month, which is great!

To add more maintenance items, scroll to the bottom of your to-do maintenance items and tap the "Add a maintenance item" box. You can then start typing and select from the list of maintenance items we have to choose from.

  Custom Maintenance Items

At the moment, you can only choose from the items on our list and are not able to add your own custom maintenance items. We are looking to give you the ability to add your own in the near future. In the meantime, if you think there is something we've missed then get in touch.



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