I can't sign into my account, what should I do?

The Togo RV app was sunset on 12/31/2023 and you can no longer sign into the app. 

Good news! We have moved the most popular features of Togo RV, including RV GPS and Overnight RV Parking places, to our Roadtrippers app to provide an all in one planning experience! This new all in one experience has been a popular request, and allows us to focus on creating new features and enhancing old features in one place!

Roadtrippers is available as a website or an app: iOSAndroid

If you are a Roadpass Pro member you will get Premium access in Roadtrippers. As a Premium member in Roadtrippers, you have the ability to plan as many trips as you desire of up to 150 stops per trip, and to apply RV height and propane preferences to GPS when traveling between two places!

To start using those features Roadtrippers, simply sign into the Roadtrippers app using your Roadpass (the same credentials you used to sign into Togo RV).  

When you go to the Roadtrippers website or open the app on your phone and reach the sign in screen, you'll need to select the "Continue with Roadpass" option shown below:

When you select the Roadpass sign in option, it will take you to a Roadpass sign in form that looks like the screenshot below where you can enter your Roadpass email and password. If you get an error message about your password on this page, then you can request a reset password email for your account.

If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to our support by email at support@roadtrippers.com

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