Can I save my favorite places?

You sure can! If you see a place you want to save while you're using the Explore section in the mobile app to look for campgrounds, interesting places, things to do, and more, follow the steps below to add it to your Saved Places for easy access the next time you want to go there.

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How to Save Places

  1. Go to the Explore section and browse select the category you're interested in to start browsing.
  2. Zoom in or out and drag the map around to see the area you're interested in.
  3. Tap a pin on the map to load the place's info, and drag up to see the full details about the place.
  4. Tap the heart button to save the place.
  5. The status will update to "saved" and the pin will have heart icon instead of the original icon.

How to See Your Saved Places

So you saved some places, now what? The next time you want to see them, follow the steps below!

  1. Go to the Explore section.
  2. Tap "Show more" and scroll down in the list of categories.
  3. Select Saved Places and you'll see a list of your saved places!
    - If you know the place you're interested in, tap it in the list to go right to it on the map.
    - If you just want to see all your saved places, tap the All Saved Places option. Note that if you have saved places in the area of the map that's on the screen, then the pins for your saved places will show up on the map. However, if I have saved places in Colorado but I'm zoomed into Florida on the map, then the saved places in Colorado will not show up.
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