Navigation Map

After you tap the Start Navigation button, you'll see the navigation map where you'll get turn-by-turn directions for your trip. Note that if you were previewing the route from another starting point, when you begin navigation then the starting point reverts back to your current location.

Keep reading to learn more about the buttons and pieces of information available on this screen. The descriptions below correspond to a number on the screenshot.


  1. Current Maneuver: This describes the current maneuver you're navigating to.
  2. Next Maneuver: This describes the following maneuver you'll be instructed to do.
  3. Mute/Unmute: This mutes and unmutes the voice-over instructions.
  4. Current Location: This repositions the map over your location pin and route. This is helpful if you've zoomed into a different area of the map/route and want to get back to where you are now.
  5. Location Pin and Route: This shows your current detected location and the blue line shows the upcoming path for navigation.
  6. Current Speed: Your current detected speed.
  7. Speed Limit: If known, the speed limit of the current road you're navigating. If this isn’t known for the road you're on, the icon won't display.
  8. Current Street: If known, the current street you're on is shown here.
  9. Info Section: Navigation info like the current estimated arrival time, remaining travel distance, and remaining travel time are displayed here.
    - You can tap the “Steps” button to open the list of travel maneuvers for your route.
    - If you tap the “Exit” button, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to exit navigation. Tap cancel to stay on the navigation map or confirm yes to exit.
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