Route Overview

After choosing a place to navigate to and entering or confirming your RV's dimensions and weight, you'll land on the Route Overview screen.

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If you're ready to hit the road, go ahead and tap the Start Navigation button, or keep reading to learn more about the features available on this screen. The descriptions below correspond to a number on the screenshot.


  1. Back Arrow: This will take you back to the screen where you can edit your starting point, destination, and your RV's dimensions and weight.
  2. Route Options: Go here to manage the avoidance settings for your route to avoid things like highways, toll roads, or tunnels.
  3. Re-center: This repositions the map as it looked when it initially loaded. This is helpful if you've zoomed into a different area of the map and want to get back to the original overview.
  4. Route Options: By default, we will suggest the fastest route that adheres to your routing preferences. If there are alternate routes that are safe for your RV and meet your routing preferences, you'll see them listed on the overview screen with a grey route line and can tap the route line or time bubble to select another route option.
  5. Info Section: You'll see your destination listed in this bottom section, as well as the route’s travel time and distance.
  6. View Steps: This will open the list of travel maneuvers corresponding with the active route on the map.
  7. Start Navigation: This will take you to the turn-by-turn directions experience for RV-safe navigation. Click here to learn more about the features available on the navigation map.
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