Overnight RV Parking categories

You'll see a few different colors of pins on the map while you're browsing for Overnight RV Parking locations. These colors represent 4 categories of parking locations that are described below. In addition to colored pins, each location will also have a colored label describing which category it's under.

  1. Permitted - Green Pin: Locations where Overnight Parking is Permitted, either for free or with a fee. If there's a fee, there will be a $ next to the word "Permitted" on the label.
  2. Not Permitted - Red Pin: Locations where Overnight Parking is Not Permitted.
  3. Membership Required - Grey Pin: Membership organizations with RV accommodations for Members Only (Elks, Moose & Eagles Lodges, VFW & American Legion Posts, etc.)
  4. Unknown - Yellow Pin: Locations where Overnight Parking is officially Not Allowed, but may not be enforced. This also includes locations with an Uncertain status or that are in need of additional information.


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